About Us

The team at Contextant is comprised of veteran enterprise application consultants. We've been working with Fortune 1000 companies for the past 20 years on various high-profile initiatives.

Along the way we've noticed that companies tend to encounter similar issues when attempting to manage, analyze and leverage the large amounts of data they use. With the increase of IoT (Internet of Things) and mobile and sensor based data streaming into the enterprise, this challenge has just increased.

Contextant brings the expertise to help companies manage, analyze, model and extract the most business value from their data.


What are our Core Competencies

Our core technical competencies are in streaming analytics, applied predictive modeling and designing and building machine-learning based solutions. We provide consultants that provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Streaming Data Analytics
  • Predictive Modeling & Machine Learning
  • Pragmatic use of machine learning techniques to allow companies to intelligently react to real time events.
  • Provide a steady-hand when you just need to work the problem.


  • Detect
  • Analyze
  • Correlate
  • Predict
  • Act

It's what we do.

Contextant Leadership

Bart Federici

Chief Executive Officer

Keith Patel

Chief Business Development Officer

Eric Farris

Chief Analytics Officer