Contextant specializes in using streaming data analytics, predictive modeling and IoT integration to help companies discover new insights and drive process improvement in their business

We can help put context around your data in an ever changing world.


Businesses are overloaded with constant streams of incoming data. What can all that data really tell you? What are the insights that can only be understood in the context of everything else that is happening? Contextant enables companies to extract value from both their current enterprise applications, Internet of Things (IoT) offerings, and other sources of data to improve their business.


Big Data represents all of the data flowing through your current systems, both structured and unstructured. Whether your organization uses a traditional relational DB or a mixture of persistence technologies, handling large volume/highly transactional applications means overcoming scalability and performance bottlenecks. We can help you overcome those challenges.


Contextant provides expertise utilizing Apache Spark Streaming and Spark ML to allow you to analyze data streams in real-time and make decisions on how to react.


How can you learn from the past? Contextant's Data Science expertise can help you define pragmatic use of machine learning technologies to define predictive models based on what has happened, so that your business can take action based on what is happening right now.

vizntrac heat-map

ViznTrac - Cloud Based Video Intelligence

Contextant's ViznTrac provides a complete, computer-vision focused IoT analytic platform. ViznTrac can allow your business to easily identify and integrate computer-vision events into your business processes. Whether for security, processs-automation or indoor location tracking, we can identify and help craft process-automation improvements for your business. Visit ViznTrac for more details.

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