Contextant is a Warehouse, Supply Chain and Logistics technology consultancy specializing in integrating your WMS with Robotics, Warehouse Automation and ERP systems. We can help industry companies optimize physical processes and improve efficiency

Using technology to optimize all aspects of your supply chain processes

WMS Integration/Optimization

Efficiently integrate your WMS with your other key ERP systems (Order Entry, CRM, Purchasing, Value Added Services, etc). Driving optimization, efficiency and making your business can scale.

Context Robotics - Warehouse Automation with Robotics

Contextant's Context Robotics practice provides simple integration with your WMS and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) to improve automation in your warehouse. Improve your warehouse's pick efficiency, and be able to track where product is at all times.

Technologies for Real-Time Analytics

Contextant provides expertise in using software and hardware to analyze all the data streaming through your business, allowing your business to react in real-time and make decisions to keep everything moving.

Predictive Modeling

How can you learn from the past? Contextant's data science expertise can help you define pragmatic use of machine learning technologies to define models based on what has happened, so that your business can take action based on what is happening right now. From warehouse management to cartonization to manifesting to shipping logistics.

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